Mobile App Development Tools 101

In an age where more than half of the world’s population has access to mobile devices, creating a mobile application for your business is surely a giant stride towards greater heights for that business of yours. Also, in a world where building mobile apps are as simple as “ABC,” you do not have a good excuse regarding why you shouldn’t make a mobile application, using one of these mobile app development tools.

There are several Mobile App development tools that you can use in creating that application you have always craved for. Below is a list of some effective mobile app development tools, including their features.

But before we delve into the mobile application tools, we need to have a little insight into what mobile application is.

What is a mobile application?

A mobile application, or an app, is a type of application software that is created to be operated on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. Mobile apps provide users with several services such as banking, accessing emails, etc.

Mobile app development tools


This mobile app development tool is quite popular because it offers genuine, actionable user experience knowledge for a business who aim to raise their mobile performance. This tool helps you to prepare well for many difficulties that may arise in handling customer experience across the extensive and complicated mobile world, and it does this by offering you the best insight of all functional and user-experience problems that may exist across all layers of the mobile stacks beginning from the client to the server.



  • Plethora of genuine devices in more than 140 areas around the globe ( nothing like device jailbreaking, rooting or virtual machines)
  • There is no SDK for you to increase your codebase. All through API access.
  • The artificial intelligence machine in this app development tool automatically takes care of performance problems from whatever time impact it may occur, be it the largest or smallest.
  • Great uptime on devices
  • Comes with load testing
  • Pre-and post-launch visibility


App Watch


This mobile app development tool is a cloud-based mobile analytics and security product. App watch assists users to safeguard their mobile devices from hackers. This tool ensures that the app is very safe and trustworthy.




  • Helps to scan mobile application completely
  • It indicates significant values hardcoded
  • All verified security problems are re-verified with a new method
  • Helps in the identification of all potential security lapses attached to them
  • Can carry out the complete scan of an app with the aid of Webview, it can as well point out security problems.




This mobile app development tool is an MVC-based JavaScript framework. This tool can be used to increase the responsiveness of an application. It also helps to enhance the satisfaction of customers.




  • With another mobile app development tool like PhoneGap, the code of this tool can be translated.
  • You can use this tool to create a native app without wasting your time on initiating setup
  • Comes with a rationalized configuration system
  • This tool is comparable on platforms such as Webkit browsers, and the common Apple iOS platform.
  • Supports animation and improved touch events



Firebase is another effective mobile app development tool. This tool is compactable with the web, iOS, OSX, and Android customers. Firebase can reduce development time and prevent any issue with data and server storage.


  • It offers cloud service, so there is no need for a setup
  • Data is very safe and secured because this mobile app development tool needs 2048-bitSsL encryption for anything regarding data transfer
  • The storage of file is secured by Google Cloud Storage
  • To build a very scalable application, this mobile app development tool treats data as stream.
  • Works well with frameworks such as Angular JS, so it enables you to make an application in a short period of time.
  • With this tool, you have zero chance of data loss due to multiple data backup locations.




You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to create a mobile app, neither do you require the help of a website developer to achieve that aim; with the right mobile app development tool coupled with the appropriate guide and insight, you can create an app in a short period of time.   The mobile development app tools mentioned above can assist you in creating that dream application of yours; all you have to do is get them and learn how they are used; trust me, it is a whole lot easier than you ever imagined!



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