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The world’s hunger for information grows each day; we all crave for information and innovations that can ease our stress. For several individuals out there, mobile devices have become a saving grace. Currently, smartphones and tables don’t only provide the best means of communication; they also come with a mobile app that makes some task a very easy process. Some of these mobile apps are mobile offices, social apps (Facebook, WhatsApp), online transaction apps, etc. So we have listed the best Mobile App Development Services.

Mobile apps are developed by mobile app development companies, and most of these companies don’t only develop these apps, they also provide mobile app development services to their customers or clients who can be individuals, corporations, government institutions, business organizations etc. Now, that brings us to the question what is mobile app development service?

What is mobile app development service?

Mobile app development service is simply a service that encapsulates end-to-end development of mobile apps, ranging from BA and UI/UX design to online market promulgation or distribution. Companies that offer mobile app development services won’t only help in the development process of the apps; they will also help in publishing the app either on the usual Google play store or on other prominent platforms.

The development process of mobile applications revolves around three types of mobile apps which are listed below:

Native Applications:

Native apps are a special type of apps; these apps are made to be used on specific platforms or devices. Native application is built for the same mobile OS, so we can correctly say that these apps are “native” to a certain platform or device.

Local mobile apps come with several thrilling features, some of which is that they offer users faster performance, and they are highly dependable. Local apps are quite accessible from app stores and can get to their target customers. Native app development is an inclusion in the mobile app development services that mobile app development companies offer.

Types of Native Apps

  • iOS on Objective-C or Swift
  • Android on Java
  • Windows Phone on Net


Mobile Web Apps:

These are not actually apps, they are simply normal websites that have the appearance and feel of native apps in several ways, but they aren’t put into use. Web apps often use the browser to run and are normally written in HTML 5, JavaScript, including CSS. The programs mentioned are often executed in the web browser of the mobile device.

Unlike native applications, web applications are very easy to handle because they have a common code that can be used across several mobile platforms.


Hybrid Applications:

As the name implies, these type of applications merges elements of web and native apps. Hybrid apps are developed with the aid of multi-platform web tech. These apps are simply websites apps that take the form of native wrappers. This type of app comes with the typical benefits of web and native mobile applications.

Hybrid apps come with several benefits as well, which is why it is one of the preferred app choices; they are very fast and don’t take time or stress to develop. The lone-code base for all platforms makes sure that there are inexpensive management and hassle-free update.

As said, mobile app development services mainly begin from app development and end at the publication of the developed apps. These apps usually come in some categories, and there are about six defining categories in which you will have to understand before you think of opting for the services of a mobile app development company.

  1. Lifestyle Mobile Apps

Over the years, this category of apps has gained prominence. A lifestyle application is simply an app that encourages individual parts that describe your lifestyle. Types of lifestyle apps are those apps related to Fitness, dating food, music, travel, etc.


  1. Social Media Mobile Apps

Social media apps are no doubt, one of the most popular categories of apps out there. Social media mobile apps are used to build social networks; it is also a means of advertisement to create brand awareness for several businesses, etc. Types of these apps are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.


  1. Utility Mobile Apps

Utility mobile apps are quite different; these are those apps that we use most times without really seeing them as actual apps. Several of these apps often come with your device and can serve a single purpose. Examples of applications in this category are Reminders, Calculator, Flashlight, etc.


  1. Productivity Mobile Apps

While this may seem like one of one those boring kind of apps, it is quite popular because it is often used. Productivity mobile apps assist their users in finishing tasks effectively and quickly, simplifying those tasks that are quite difficult. Some examples of the apps in this category are Docs, Sheets, Wallet/Pay.

  1. News/Information Outlets Mobile Apps

News is a coveted piece of information that makes people aware of the happenings in their surroundings. The apps in this category are very straightforward. They provide their numerous users with whatever news they are in search of in the best and user-friendly format. These apps also come in the best design and layout, one that makes navigation quite easy.  Examples of some common application in this category are Buzzfeed, Smartnewsm, Google news and weather, Feedly, Reddit, etc.

  1. Gaming Apps

Gaming apps, together with social media apps, are the most common apps in the mobile app industry. About 24% of the mobile apps present in App stores are gaming apps. Mobile gaming is something that has always been on the rise, making app developers put in more time and effort into improving this mobile app category. Users often enjoy gaming apps because it provides them with a feeling of engagement and achievement in the process. This is also one of the most profitable categories for mobile app development companies or developers.

There are other app categories, but those mentioned above are the common categories. Other categories are sport, health, etc. With knowledge of the categories of apps that exist, you are a few steps from getting the concept of the app that you want.


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