Make $5000 per sale with this mobile app business opportunity

Selling mobile apps is one of the most effective ways to set up a business and make money as well. Over the years, the field of mobile app development has undergone extensive innovation, making it very easy to wake up one day and choose to make money by selling mobile applications. So this mobile app business opportunity is literally as easy as giving a business what they want and it taking you 20 minutes to set it up!

The use of mobile applications has become very rampant, and this is because of the benefits they boast of. You can perform several actions with the use of mobile applications. Local businesses such as hotels, malls, restaurants all need mobile apps to set up their business because it can, to a huge extent, guarantees the smooth running of their business and increase profit as well.

Yes, you plan to set up a business that sells mobile apps to organizations who are in need of them; you have the concept of the app you aim to create, but you don’t know how to create these apps neither do you know the strategy that is best to adopt in promoting the apps upon creation. If you are such an individual, do not fret, with Zapable, you can create the app you desire and also promote it using this platform for a pocket-friendly fee.

With Zapable, you stand a chance of enjoying several benefits. After creating an app for a local business using this tool, you can choose to charge them $500 to $3000 per app, including a charge on monthly maintenance fee for updates, providing push notification, etc. So with Zapable, you can get super-rich, and you can also have access to the best mobile app business opportunity.


What is Zapable?

Zapable is an amazing cloud base application building service this is the easiest way to get into mobile app business opportunity. With Zapable, you can develop a fantastic app with the aid of your iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc. This building service also develops an app for iOS and Android devices as well. One of the amazing features of Zapable is that, you can develop an app with this platform in less than 60 seconds, and the best part of this superb app is that you can build an app for a local business using Zapable and earn as much as $500 to $3000 per app. isn’t that super amazing?? Below are other benefits that come with the use of Zapable:

Helps you promote your business

With this app-building service, you can showcase your business to the world by developing amazing applications. You can decide to include your YouTube channel, Facebook, Feed, Instagram, etc., to increase your general engagement by more than 300%! Wait! It doesn’t end there. You can as well send push notifications to individuals who choose to download the application and charge your customers a superior fee.

Also, with Zapable, you can make your eCommerce store to sell Amazon products by adding your Amazon product catalog.

Very beneficial to local and restaurant business

With Zapable, you can automatically notify your current location, and if peradventure you have a restaurant in that location, you can take table booking from clients online. Zapable has a click to call option which can be used by your customers whenever they want to talk to you. The amazing features that come with this app-building service can boost any local business and help such business get more profit and customers.

Fantastic customized design 

Zapable boast of an amazing customizable design as well as several ready-made background template with many app icons at your disposal. Apart from these amazing features, you can also enjoy drag and drop real-time color modifier, and whenever you choose to, you rearrange your features.

So can you see this is easiest mobile app business opportunity going, you simply show them what they want go away and set it up (takes 20 minutes) then simply collect the cash!


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