Life of a Certification Student

JP SOUCHAK: Whether you’re just starting out on your journey toward a career in Android development, or you have been working has an Android developer for some time, you might ask yourself, how can I separate myself from the pack and get recognized? Introducing the Associate Android Developer certification by Google, an achievement available to those who can display the skills of an entry level Android developer. The first step on your journey is determining if you’re ready to take the exam. Start by learning what the exam covers. Review the skills that you’ll need to demonstrate when taking the exam. Next, decide whether you need training or are ready to take the exam. Training is available online, as well as in person. Also, training is available in some colleges and universities. When you’re ready, sign up and take the exam. As part of the sign up, you’ll pay an exam fee. If you live in India, you’ll pay 6,500 rupee. If you live outside of India, you’ll pay $149. After you’ve signed up and paid the fee, you will download the exam and load it into Android Studio and begin. The exam’s a timed, performance-based assessment in which you’ll implement new features and debug issues in an existing app. When you start the exam, you’ll have 24 hours to finish. And once you’re done, you’ll submit the exam for grading. Your submission will be evaluated through a combination of machine and human grading. Based on the outcome of machine grading, you’ll move on to the exit interview. After you’ve finished, and you’ve passed your interview, you will then receive a mark from Google and join our community of Google Certified Associate Android developers. Once you are certified, you can share your mark on your resume, LinkedIn, G+, Twitter, and in your email signature. [MUSIC PLAYING]