How to create an app for free without coding in just 5 minutes | App development

Friends this is the time of smartphone And application is available for everything To order food..for shoping…To book cabe..or to make girlfriend Do you know companies are earning in millions because of app usage You can create your own application You can earn good enough by uploading your app on play store itune you can create your own store food order ….Dating chatting Fitness…Real state…you can create any type of application If you have your own website…you can convert it into application And absolutely free…without any coding knowledge lets see how you can do this So guys lets come on appypie.come Here you will get a lot of information related with appypie information related with appypie There are a lot of other app builders but appypie is best among them because of money and ease of use I tell you…NIKE ,The Great khali, Dj Aqeel, Indian embassy, ESCORT group, LOREAL, DECATHLON, DELOITTE and many more companies are using application developed by appypie. Lets come to start app making First of all you have to put your application name here…whatever you want And after that you have to choose your category. There are a lot of category available here you can change preview according to smart phones, Black berry, ISO and windows. If you have any Facebook page then you can put user Id here or you can also skip it by pressing next And here you have to choose your design….how it looks like… so you can choose layout ..for ex i am choosing this layout and my application will look like this next Now here you have to work according to business here some options has been already added in our application Here we can edit anyone like clicking on about us and we have editing option here Here we can write anything we want…we can write Edit and customize it according to us Here you can customize easily whatever you want we have some options here to Delete. If you want to delete this about us feature then you can you can enable login in about us if you want, you can hide and close it like that here is website and other options like tweeter i want to delete it…i can delete it directly from here if we want to arrange it …we can do it from here To add extra feature to your application then simply go to add and you have a lot of option here.. like store, Dictionary, E-Commerce and many more in suggested Social is other option here where you can add directly Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Messenger, Chat whatever you want. Adding tweeter and putting tweeter user ID here OK….And with it you will find a lot of other options here.. Multimedia, contact, e-commerce, information… simply clicking on the options you want to use and then add it…and it will add to your app Here we preview our option we can live preview our website to see photos here we have system page option…to enable system login you can again customize your design can change bacckground with this you can change your app icon and you can upload your custom logo from here you can find font and colors information below you can customize your app here when application is finally ready then click on save and continue And finally you have to sigh up or login you can use Facebook or google to sign in And next you have to choose plan if you want to enjoy premium feature i am using preplan here And finally app building process gets started here we have to wait for ten mints after that we can download, share And use application in our phone Finally our application is ready to download we can download it with the help of QR code or link I am using QR code here in order to run app we have to enable unknown source for downloding application from unknown source If you are a iphone user then you have to permit permit developer by changing your setting to run application you can go to dash board… continue to my app All your application and its option is available here Like Editing, Downloading, Notification… etc you can come to your application dash board in future if you want any changes in your application you can modify,view and change from here this is our created app we can see all that option here in more we can access our Timeline and other photos here we can also access other options