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In this video, we are going to check out the “Audio” feature It allows you to add audio files or songs into playlists for your users to listen to Let’s create a playlist by clicking on the “+” Insert the title, you can also add a picture Then you can add Tracks There are three available sources, iTunes, Podcast or Custom Let’s start with iTunes You can search for an Artist, an Album or directly the Title Once the songs added, you can delete them by clicking on the cross Now let’s add a Podcast Insert the Podcast URL, check if everything is fine, then add it Finally, let’s add Custom songs The Artist, Album and Picture fields are optional It will add some information to your Custom playlist Then, add your songs In this video, I have hosted the songs on my webserver directly Now let’s see in app You have all the controls from a Song players, such as pause, play, random, etc. Here is the link to the iTunes Playlist The button next to it displays the Playlist Shut down the Player by tapping on the power button You can put the Player in Background by tapping the shrinking icon That’s it for the “Audio” feature