Build a Free Website with Universe Website Builder App for iOS

hello I am so glad you were able to join me today if this is your first time here my name is Ileane and I’m with and you know sometimes they say another day another website well that is when they are easy enough that you can start them up from your iPhone in less than five minutes and that’s what happened to me today when I heard about an app and it’s called universe website builder and it’s only available in the iOS Apple Store so sorry for the Android users but I think you will still enjoy this quick tutorial about how to set up the app okay so with that I do want to show it to you on the screen share and let’s see we had a little difficulty with the screen share but let’s see if we can get it going again so here is the universe website builder app over in the iOS App Store so there we go let’s see you guys may remember those of you who have been with me for a while may remember that I started a nother podcast and it’s called the free podcast host and you know I’ll link to a video that tells you about that and my problem with the free podcast host was getting that domain was kind of expensive but I wanted to set up something that I could quickly use as sort of like think of it like many tumblr or and about me page okay and I started out on medium but then some things about medium just I don’t know wasn’t exactly what I wanted and I happen to listen to my friend Patrick this morning talking about this app called the universe now when you go over in the app store if you just search for universe you’re probably not going to find it so I have a quick link for you and it’s I’ll give you that again in case you don’t know how to spell my name here’s your little spelling lesson I L E A N E slash universe I’m sorry get universe getuniverse get universe okay so head over to the iOS App Store and get it’s absolutely free and you don’t have to get a custom domain if you don’t want to so in fact I’ll show you again on my one that I have for free podcast host I did not use a custom domain but there’s a reason why I just decided not to do that like I said first of all free podcast host calm is expensive and somebody sitting on that domain and I’ll just let them have it it’s okay because I also use rebrand Lee and if you heard me talk about rebrands Lee before or if you haven’t that’s okay I’ve got a video I’ll add the YouTube card for the rebrand Lee so my short link it’s like a minute ago I gave you a short link I leaned that link right slash get universe I also have a domain from rebrand Lee that is free podcast that host so if you want to check out my little site that I just setup and your your iPhone oh actually you can check it out on the web or on any phone really because it’s technically a website and you can just go to because I’m considering this as my little app alright so let’s go over to the screen share again and let’s hope it holds up because of the way I’m doing it today alright so here’s what the site looks like and if you go into it you’ll see that I actually have let’s see let’s view the site so the long domain for currently right now is free podcast host dot own universe calm because that’s their domain one universe just oh in universe right and so I have my banner up at the top and this is where I say it’s kind of like an about me page you know or like a little mini tumblr blog I have my Twitter I have my anchor station and I thought that was pretty forward of them they already have anchor included in there and then here for my contact I you have to put a phone number in this particular little witch because you can call these like little widgets and I actually use my Google Voice number there so you could actually call me on that Google Voice number if you want and then I just gave the little tagline about my site I help people find a free podcast host so they can get started with podcasting then there’s that link to that medium blog then there’s a link and I’m not even sure I remember where that link goes so but it goes to one of my properties right and then I have a twitch station Oh actually the twitch station is called anchor show oh I know where this link goes this link goes to the podcast over one Spreaker in fact let’s see what happens when I click that on so yeah so it goes to the free podcast host over on Spreaker which is eventually going to be submitted to itunes oh right as I’m building the site out so let’s go back let’s see where it takes is it’s gonna take me back to oh there you go it took me back so I quickly wrote a short blog post to describe what the site is about and so here’s my little first little blog post now with the blog posts let’s see you clicking one so you can see the whole thing now this would be if I was going to edit it with the blog post it seems that you can’t add any HTML at this time from what I’ve seen so far you know it’s just strictly alt text which is fine you know because like I said all the links that I wanted to refer to and I guess I could always type in a link even though it may or may not be hyperlinked and you know what I didn’t even try so maybe I can hyper hyper link so what I’m going to do is basically show you cuz I know you guys know just like setting up a profile on any site or my social media you go and you fill out your name and of course they went your email and they want the name of your account so I’m not going to go over all of that right I’m going to just go into the part where you start setting up the site so since mines is already set up I’m going to go to edit so you can see what the what it looks like okay so it asked me to fill in a logo so I filled in my logo and see these you can see these little grid lines there right these grid lines represent widgets your widgets it’s the best way I can describe them as just like widgets on a blog you know you’re like you would have one or on blogger or one you know your regular self hosted WordPress now this is one thing they don’t have on medium and this is why medium wasn’t sufficient for me because you don’t get to have widgets and I guess I’m just used to a widget eyes sight so what you could do right now I don’t have any extra rows but let’s say I wanted to promote a few more sites let’s say I wanted to promote my upcoming event actually it’s my daughter’s event but an event that I’m speaking at which is the entrepreneurs and leaders conference so then I would add a row and see now how there’s three pluses there those are those three grids that I can add something to so just click on the plus and I can add it you see at the bottom of the screen there right I can add a photo video some text a link and email address forget what that is that one is if I just wanted to do like a style and fill in some text on top of it I do believe and don’t know that much about that one so we’re not going to go into that one too much and this one is for a map so that would be perfect for the entrepreneurs and leaders conference which is going to be on March the 16th and 17th here in Philadelphia at the Hilton on City Line Avenue so I could put that address in there so that would be an excellent matter of fact I probably will later on today set up one of these little sites just like a little mini site you know for the conference okay so you can add up the background picture you guys may see that I have my background picture already added but just so you see how it goes I was just go in here and choose a photo or an effect but I’m not going to do it okay so you have are we you can barely see in the back grant of all that you can see my image the same image I use for the thumbnail on this video and by the way I want to say hi to by this in the chat but since I have problem screen sharing I’m not gonna do it right now I’m gonna screen share as soon as I finish going through this stuff okay so and then I also have to grab the links to which which was a complete fail because I couldn’t screen share what I wanted to screen share earlier okay so let’s say we wanted to you know we had all these filled out and I wanted to just add another row said just temp simply tapped on that add a row that plus button there but now we realize no we added too many rows by mistake so you just remove them remove the extra rows okay and at the bottom is their little logo there but hopefully you’ll see that I’ve already added a link over in the chat and I’m going to check that chat environment one momento okay I gotta get this link over into a muted tab before I even do that okay I see tisha shared the link over in the facebook chat thank you so much Tish you’re awesome okay let me pop out the YouTube chat guys yes so the nightbot has already showed up oh okay the lounge network is here – hey Andrew and Beauty bubble hello hello hello and so I think the night but has to come back in a few minutes and tell you guys the link so I’ll just give it to you now in order to get this app you just want to go to Eileen that link up she popped up as soon as I was gonna say it but it did the linked it and translate correctly I gotta go in to nightbot and fix that so here it is Eileen link slash get universe there you go there’s a like only I forgot to put HTTP Oh some things have gone wrong with this live stream but we don’t care we carry on even though we had some screen share failures already so let me see what you guys are saying and actually before I do that I’m going to just in case someone wants to join us on screen I’m going to get that link over to you guys and I realized that some people can’t it’s too early you know I wanted to make sure that I got in and out of here before the rain is coming here in Philadelphia oh and by the way thanks to barb for reminding me that it was World Cancer day and so I want to make sure I acknowledge that as well but if anybody does want to join me I’m posting the wrong link haha sorry oh I didn’t press control/command see okay tells me to press command-c actually what YouTube should do is once I click on that link it should automatically put it on my clipboard so back over on the Facebook group guys where my patrons are in the Facebook group there I just posted the link if anyone wants to join me in one cam okay so now I’m going to stop screen sharing and try to screen share the chat again hey hey okay at least I got back on here that’s partially there alright let’s see if I can get the chat going there you go okay every little bit helps alright let’s go scroll all the way back to my hashtag our gist tissue Rosales has already hashtag Ilene fun and my true royal family comes in and says how’s the Queen hi ha Capone I know you said iOS only but I’m still interested and you know what I love about you is your thirst for knowledge that’s right because you know they could probably release an Android app at any moment cuz it’s such a simple lightweight app I don’t even know why it’s not on Android right now but anyway so you shared the link over in the messenger thanks Tish and then Andrew is a phone number oh well oh no you don’t have to put in a phone number Andrew I just decided that since I have a Google Voice number I will put that in there and maybe I’ll go back to the screen share to show you that there’s more options of things that you can fill in and then more mode is here oh yes I’m so glad you made it while we were actually live and then this time Carlos when he said morning Carlos is the lounge Network by the way it actually is morning Rob oh you know what Rob I am so sorry about last week when you were banned by the nightbot and that’s because you use all caps and so once I figure out how to turn that off on night but then you won’t we won’t had that problem because I have no real problem with people using all caps of course that doesn’t happen with Andrew or Tish because they’re moderators so nightbot knows that so as you see Tish has put a lol in all caps and Andrew has put a yay in there yes so sorry about that and so nightbot yes I do have to go in there and adjust nightbot because once again he shared the link incorrectly but you nasty nasty nightbot bad bad boy and he’s like no I’m only as good as the person who set me up and so obviously I did something wrong oh you know what I probably shouldn’t put any text after the link when I’m setting up night bye okay well you know we can take a quick look at that too when I when I finished and I didn’t have it I haven’t seen anyone tried to join me yet oh yeah if Rob and I did a little video where I talk about night box so I’ll give you that link to Rob because nightbot is really cool I do like it and it works on Twitch as well so it’s nice to have a comment and see like now he’s reminding you guys to give the video a thumbs up yes he comes in handy night BOC is like an unruly child that needs constant attention yes I have to stroke it okay that’s get your minds out the gutter here yeah alright so you know what what I want to do is show you the website over on the Internet as opposed to being on the iPhone so it is free podcast host slash app okay I just set this up a few minutes to go guys that’s why I didn’t roll off the tip of my tongue you’re probably wondering you know name your own website no cuz I just did it it looks kind of June well I mean of course because my pictures in the background I think it’s cute but you know what I’m saying I think this is a great little landing page and like I said you can put all kinds of different things in here you don’t have to just use the ones that I use the Twitter it’s always get this promote Twitter though right and you know I could promote my own Facebook page you know but I was thinking about setting up maybe an Instagram or whatever for free podcast host so I just left it blank for now but I can I can play around with it all day because it only took me no exaggeration guys this could not have taken me more than five minutes to set up and five minutes is probably being too generous it probably was like three and a half minutes so just go in here and set up you know this little app basically that’s what it is and then whenever I blog now how does somebody get to my blog oh this is how you get to my blog I answer my own question so here’s the little blog post that I wrote you know it looks kind of smallish but remember people are looking at this on their phones I’m just showing you guys what it looks like on the web but hang on let’s see if what happens when I increase the looks a little bit better you know if somebody’s looking at it on the web but it’s really you know a mobile thing it’s not really you know you people aren’t away if you want to just go to your website and you can probably put one of those little things there and said go to the website like on my tagline instead of me just saying I help people you know to start a free podcast I can also say if you’re on the web visit I mean or free podcasts that hosts I don’t know one of those places Spreaker or wherever so is anybody trying to join me this morning oh love love love for anybody to just come and sit and say hi does nightbot have a Super Bowl prediction well you know I live in Philadelphia Rob so hey there’s a support video podcast I came late sorry Wow you can put you can upload videos to this tool now I did not try to upload a video but since we’re here positive gaming in the house hello hello so I’ve already done a little demo of how to use this app but Rob Foose I guess he’s calling fools for short it’s brought up a good question so let’s experiment and see if we’ll blow this thing up I’m going to try to upload a video you forget Patriots I’m Eagles all the way go Philly yeah now I didn’t say that I’m just reading a chat y’all but you know like I said I am in Philly so who else am I going to root for you know I don’t you like football so I would be really kind of crazy to not root for my own home team haha fuzz like the cops okay Rob fuzz I like it I love it Rob okay let’s see if we can actually oh goody another chance to break something I know Andrew were like I thought about you too Andrew let’s see if we can break universe universe website builder okay and it’s iOS only just to repeat that for folks that just got here okay so I’m done now so let’s do another post right so I’ll see you guys see I’m in the post area okay no no no that’s not where we want to just do it let’s go to edit so I’m actually editing all these widgets that are on my home page alright cuz it did say that I can add a video but let’s see just how that really looks so you got to add a row you’re stuck with this grid format so I think you need to add things in threes but I could be wrong it may be possible that you can combine a one of these but anyway since I took a bunch of videos from last night at my daughter’s event well she had a dinner for all the speakers from the entrepreneurs and leaders conference so I should have some videos there that I can bring it you know it’s trying to take a video now you see my nicely painted wall there were we’re not going to use that so I’m going to hit the icon that’s gonna let me go into my camera roll and I think this was one I just took of the skyline from my daughter’s view from video too long to send please select a smaller clip from this video okay the sender’s select the smaller clip the video was kind of fuzzy but that’s not what we’re looking at anyway we’re just looking at what it look like to add a video okay there oh yeah that was one of those super zoom things on Instagram that I did holy for Jesus of course it’s all cropped and everything but it looks cute oh my gosh so then then I gotta go back every time you add something to that homepage you have to you know publish it again all right so let’s see oh I like these messages you finally have something to put in your Instagram bio spit off your emails by adding a new site to your email signature throwing a party soon impress your friends with a website invite your Twitter just got way more legit add your site to your bio remember business cards this is the 2018 version love that you finally had okay we’re going back to the same one we already saw yes absolutely it’s great to use it for Evite’s and I just realized that you guys did not see what was just don’t what my bad I think that was user error I don’t think that was hangouts that time I’m not a hundred percent sure about that though okay no problem we’d do it again hurry so since I flubbed that up right you’re going to edit we can do it again alright and remember I said I think things going threes cuz this is that grid layout maybe this time we’ll pick another video all right so I’ve chosen video instead of you seeing my wall you click the little icon here that goes into the camera roll so we’ll go into the camera roll and let’s see one that’s relatively sure it sort of be easier for me to trim these were probably some of my Instagram stories here tells me that the video is too long it’s okay you’re just shorten it until it seems okay looks awfully pixelated but that’s okay alright and we’re gonna say okay oh yeah it only looked pixelated and the via the preview so I could put any kind of message in there guys know this keeps failing so I see now wasn’t my fault it doesn’t like me going in there and showing the the choosing of the video so it that seems to be when it’s failing but you know I have my eyes over on the side so I didn’t say so anyway there you go you see what it looks like the finished product and now that we’ve done that oh there’s arrow because I still have to publish it moves over so yeah there you go oh no close the app that was a shutdown but I’m not blaming that on universe I’ll blame that one what we’re doing here with hangouts okay go to view again that second one didn’t work so that’s okay and it could be because it was off sighs we’ll see no the other one probably the same size because it was from Instagram so we’ll try it again but I think you guys get the point of how you can easily just upload videos so and Andrew wanted me to break it so that’s fine so let’s go over to the posts and see if um how do I hit another post I forgot oh no actually I’m on the web viewing it okay let’s go to post to add another post oh I can only add a photo there so I can only add a photo a title and text but what I didn’t try is let me go back to the other blog post guys cuz I just want to see if I can add a link here what happens when I add a link so I’m going to make sure I do it the right way and put HTTP sorry I’m a slow Piper on the phone don’t think it accepts hyperlinks but we shall see in a minute doesn’t look like it does yeah so oh I put a space in there so used to putting a space in my name I still don’t think it looks like a hyperlink to anything yeah no it doesn’t hyperlink so nope so that’s okay it’s just plain text and you know you put all your links on the main page right which I showed you guys already but just to show you again these links actually do work so let’s see what happens when we try to open up anchor right over to my anchor station hey and are you so YouTube live held up through that little transition whoo okay so the universe app and for those of you who are on iOS just go to Eileen dot link slash get universe one word no dashes okay guys let’s just take another look at the chat before we sign off today and we may wind up going live on Facebook later on okay so stay tuned for that and does does this spread out on the website I will show the website as soon as I take the chat down so okay goody another chance okay Oh iOS only is it broken already have a great day okay you too Rob buzz uh-huh watch the replay later all right my dear erase witness go over to the website I always have to transition back to myself before I go look at anything on the website now I’m of course I’m gonna have to refresh the website okay because you know I made that change or try to anyway this is another way to test to see that the link yeah wait wait a minute hang on it looks like that link does work on the web no it doesn’t it doesn’t work it doesn’t work you just have to copy it in you know so that’s okay none of the links work in the blog post as of yet but you know this app is pretty new I think it came out in March but you know not that many folks know about it in fact let’s head over to their Facebook page I can remember where what it was let’s say I go into my history my stop screen sharing because what I looked at on the history you guys would be like what is she going over there for okay let’s see uh I do want to see if I can remember where him looks like here it is because I was looking through their photos I wanted to get their logo and so let’s say when did they start the Facebook page you know is it’s probably going to start really gaining some mint momentum right now it doesn’t have much but at least I found out about it I found out about it from someone who you know is not that techy and he was bragging about not being that time Hecky and I’m thinking wow Here I am Little Miss techie and this non techie person turned me on to something so that was once again give a shout out to my friend Patrick from we live on a planet and we can look at Patrick’s site too and it’s in the sack so here’s the Facebook page and I think it tells you on here somehow oh they were initially holding a Conte for folks to draw the logo and so here they were the app of the day and that’s how Patrick found it yesterday they were the app of the day in the App Store okay so that’s a big deal right for an app to finally make it to the app of the day and so I guess this is why they’re starting to get a little bit more you know visibility now and so let’s just go over to the website but it’s basically a medium blog because you know nobody does blogs anymore they all just do medium so let’s go to all of the blog posts there and I think their very first blog post was in July so maybe no this was a July update so like I said I think it started in March some of my research that I did this morning indicated that they started in March of last year but they didn’t really get things going until you know they got their logo together and all that stuff okay so his this January says capping our first year with powerful tools to manage your site so there you go it came out sometime in 2017 so that’s pretty amazing and it’s very nice that they are getting a lot of notoriety now so let’s just we live on a planet calm just give my boy Patrick a shout-out no and here he’s got his anchor station and his email his Instagram and some pictures and put a little message that says thanks for visiting we live on a planet so you know it’s a great way to just for someone who just doesn’t want to learn how to build a website you don’t want to learn how to build a blog or any of that but you want people to be able to find you and you don’t want to just tell them head over to anchor because if they’re not on anchor they’re probably not gonna head over to anchor but they probably are on Instagram right so you say oh here’s my Instagram or they might be on Twitter so it’s just like a little about me page but even simpler than about me and it’s just really quick to do when you’re on iOS and I thought it would be a fun thing for us to explore today so I’m just gonna check the chat to see if you guys have any questions before we shut this one down and someone else came in oh it’s in Spanish so I do understand that you’re saying hi so a saludos Co Dallas Pyro’s dead they still out pop you come from the Republic Dominican Republic yes thanks for being here I appreciate it and um Tish you’re awesome Tish Rosales and Andrew you’re fantastic yes Thank You Tish she’s letting me know that Conell Christians were saying hello thank you so much Tish and Andrew if you’re still here thank you thank you thank you and of course my phone starts ringing so I guess I will bid you guys adieu and hopefully I will see you guys later on I’ll be live-streaming somewhere just keep your notifications on and if not for those of you on YouTube I’ll be back here next weekend so with that bye for now peace